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What is Estrogen Dominance?

Learn the symptoms and causes of estrogen dominance along with 5 steps for rebalancing your hormones.

What is all this talk about estrogen dominance? Dominance in the gym, that board meeting, or the bedroom: Good. Dominance with one of your most important hormones? We need to talk.

Here’s the deal: Your body needs estrogen to maintain the female reproductive system,


Estrogen: Why is it Important?

Struggling with a hormone imbalance? Learn the critical role estrogen plays in a woman’s body, how to tell if you have low estrogen, and how to rebalance your hormones.

If you can’t figure out why you’re rarely in the “mood,” or why you can’t seem to lose those extra pounds in your midsection despite swearing off even the thought of a simple carb,


Feeling good after 40

Are you in your 40s and unsure what to expect in life’s next stages? Have you been told hormone replacement therapy is dangerous or risky? 

I’m Katy, the co-founder of Joi and a mom of two who struggled through a five-year fertility journey starting in my late 30s. When I could finally come up for air and work on some much-needed self-care,


Fact or Fiction: Does Detox Water Really Work for Weight Loss?

What’s the Skinny on Lemon Water, Fruity Water or Apple Cider Vinegar and Drinking Detox Water?

I know you’ve seen it. Glass water bottles everywhere with colorful fruit bobbing up and down inside. Look, I’m the first one to try almost any weight loss trend out there. I have to find a way to balance my Friday night ice cream binge somehow.


15-Minutes a Day Exercise Weight Loss Program

You Really Can Lose Weight by Exercising in Small Bursts

– In today’s busy world it can seem impossible to carve out enough time for yourself to go to the gym. Before work? After? Personally, getting eight hours of sleep seems like a much better deal than trudging to the gym while it’s still dark outside.


3 Lesser-Known Symptoms of Adult ADHD

Treating ADHD with Nootropics

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) has become a household name in the last decade. Still concerning – a growing number of adults living with undiagnosed ADHD are suffering in silence. They may not realize that many of the paralyzing day-to-day challenges they face – like being unable to stay organized,


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