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Listen to Joi experts give testimony to our women's wellness solutions on these popular podcasts.

Hormone Optimization and Peptide Therapies for Women with Katy Whalen

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, Amber chats with Katy Whalen, CEO of Joi Women’s Wellness, an operation that focuses on hormone optimization and peptide therapies for women. Women often experience hormone imbalances, particularly after the age of 40, but these issues are frequently dismissed by doctors or attributed to menopause without further investigation.

The Renaissance Podcast

Josh and Katy Whalen are the founders of peptide and hormone therapy brands Blokes Modern Men's Health and Joi Women's Wellness. They are a dynamic husband and wife duo, but a few years ago they found their marriage being impacted as Josh was feeling himself slow down, not having as much energy, and feeling old for lack of a better word - and Katy on the other hand was trying to build a family.

The Alignment Show

Today we're talking with Katy Whalen, an expert on peptide therapy and an all-around incredible woman! In this episode, Katy shares her story about entering into motherhood and how that funneled her into the path she's on now in the women's wellness world.

EMBody Radio

Have you ever looked in the mirror one day and suddenly not recognized yourself, and not in the most positive way? I think we all have. That was today's guest, Katy Whalen's story after going through pregnancy challenges and becoming a new mom.

Nirvana Sisters

Have you been hearing the word Peptide everywhere lately? Amy and Katie have. This week they are joined by Katy Whalen, Co-Founder and CEO of Joi Wellness, an innovative peptide and hormone balancing therapy company.

The Fit and Fabulous Podcast

As the founder of Rise To Wellness, Dr. Jacey Folkers BS, DC, is passionate about helping patients find true health. His approach focuses on stimulating the body’s natural healing process and identifying supporting lifestyle changes that can make significant improvements in patients’ lives.

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