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Listen to Joi experts give testimony to our women's wellness solutions on these popular podcasts.

Biohacker Babes

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Jacey Folkers on the hot topic of peptides! He is one of the co-founders of Blokes and ChooseJoi, which offer diagnostic lab testing, advanced peptides therapies, hormone optimization and lifestyle enhancements to offer a top to bottom approach to help people maximize their health and vitality.

THE FYX with Krysta Huber

Want to feel and look your best from the inside out? Raise your hand if you're looking for: a better mood, more radiant skin, easier weight loss, and sexier sex. We sure hope your hand is up, and if it is, then this episode is most definitely for you. Meet Katy Whalen, Co-Founder of Joi Wellness--a telemedicine company dedicated to supporting women, and supporting them in taking control of their well-being. Joi provides its patients with innovative peptide and hormone balancing therapies, so you can feel like YOU again.

The SimplyBe. Podcast

Josh and Katy Whalen, the founders of Blokes for Him and Joi for Her, are on a mission to elevate lives through hormone optimization and peptide therapy. Their protocols address everything from weight loss and sex drive to energy and brain fog.

Well Being, Well Said

Katy Whalen knew she was not alone. As she watched peptides transform her life and get her back to the Katy she had come to know pre-fertility journey, she set out to create Joi, a place where women can manage their health holistically and start to truly feel like themselves.

The Wellness Mama Podcast

He’s the founder of Blokes and a new company called Joi, and through his own experience of low energy, lack of focus, dwindling drive, and other health issues, he reached out to find his own answers to this, and it led to what is now a business helping many people do the same.

Biohacker Babes Podcast

Josh Whalen, CEO & Founder of Blokes, thought there had to be a better way than sterile clinics and subpar services in order to optimize men's health. Blokes connects you with licensed providers and provides customized treatments to support better focus, strength and recovery so you can feel like you again.

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