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May 8, 2023: According to Dr. Killen, some factors that can contribute to mismatched libidos include hormone changes (pregnancy, birth control, perimenopause, menopause, low testosterone in men, thyroid problems, etc.), medications (e.g. antidepressants, beta blockers), chronic medical problems (e.g. diabetes), depression, fatigue, and stress. So, yeah, there’s a lotttt going on.

The Sidelining of Women’s Pleasure, Especially Into Menopause—And How Viagra May Help

Apr 12, 2023: “The full anatomy of the clitoris wasn’t published until 2005 by Dr. Helen O’Connell, if you can believe that,” says Amy Killen, MD, a regenerative- and sexual-medicine practitioner. “If we’ve only understood the shape of the clitoris for 18 years, it’s not a surprise that we’re behind in understanding female sexual pleasure compared to male pleasure.”

Why Is Everyone Talking About ‘Balancing Their Hormones?’

Apr 12, 2023: “‘Imbalanced hormones’ is not a medical term as much as a general term that some people use to describe having symptoms consistent with low or high hormone levels,” says Amy Killen, medical advisor at Joi Women’s Wellness, an online women’s wellness platform. "It is not uncommon for young women to have hormonal problems that contribute to symptoms.”

Menopause Belly (Bloating): Causes And Treatment

Apr 5, 2023: Experts agree that more research needs to be done to draw conclusions about the connection between menopause and potential digestive health issues. Beyond reproductive health, estrogen is an important hormone in proper cholesterol and glucose metabolism. Dips in estrogen might lead to either issues processing insulin during digestion or systemic inflammation, according to Melissa Loseke, D.O., medical advisor at Joi Women’s Wellness, an online wellness resource for women.

Joi Women’s Wellness: Empowering Women to Advocate for their Own Healthcare

Apr 4, 2023: Even though women make 80 percent of all healthcare decisions, there is a wide gender gap in medical research that ignores women’s health issues which can lead to serious, sometimes fatal, complications. We recently sat down with Joi Women’s Wellness founder, Katy Whalen, to learn more about individualized care for women’s health and what it’s like to start your own business as a woman in the wellness space.

The 2023 Guide to Concierge Health Care Services

Mar 30, 2023: Joi and Blokes are two sister companies that offer hormone testing and replacement therapy, for women (Joi) and men (Blokes), supporting menopause, sexual health, weight management, and longevity. From the convenience of your home, you can test your hormones, consult with a professional about your results, and receive the treatment you need.

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