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At-Home Hormone Kit
At-home Hormone Kit

At-Home Hormone Kit


With one of the most comprehensive at-home hormone testing kits on the market, Joi will empower you on your journey to feeling your best. This test analyzes 11 key biomarkers essential for optimal health & wellbeing.

Select a package to get started:

At-home finger prick tests not available in New York due to state regulations. Please see our diagnostic labs menu with at home phlebotomy services. NY patients must utilize our at-home services. We will send a nurse or phlebotomist to your home for an additional $99 for all labs.

This Diagnostic Lab Tests For:
Metabolism & Weight Control
  • A1C
Bone & Muscle Health
  • Estradiol
Liver Function & Toxicity
  • AST
  • ALT
Oxygen Transfer & Blood Function
  • Hematocrit
Strength & Endurance
  • SHBG
  • Total testosterone
  • DHEA
Kidney Health
  • BUN
  • Creatinine
Menstrual Health
  • Progesterone
What's Included?
Board Certified Clinicians
1:1 Coaching
Doctor Prescribed Medications
Unlimited Messaging
Lifestyle & Nutrition Support
Multi-Lab Discounts
we're with you every step of the way.
Step 1

Choose your at-home kit and checkout online.

Step 2

Fill out the online health history & consent forms.

Step 3

Complete your test. We will email you to schedule your follow-up visit.

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept insurance at this time. We do accept credit cards and HSA/FSA accounts.

I have labs from another clinician, can I use them?

If you have not been on hormonal support, the labs may be from the last 3-6 months. If on hormonal support, labs need to be within the last 90 days.

Can you help my partner too?

We can! Meet Blokes, the male version of Joi.

I have another question for you.

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