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It’s time to stop asking Dr. Google why you’re feeling run down, breaking out at 35, or no longer the sex goddess you were in your 20s. Our wide range of tests take a look at what’s going on inside your body to tell us what’s working—and what could work better. These insights empower us to create personalized plans to optimize your health. Our CLIA & CAP certified lab partner has over 2,000 convenient locations with walk-ins and appointments available. After you get your lab results, your virtual Joi provider will guide you through all the recommended changes to get you back to feeling your best—inside and out!

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Comprehensive Wellness Panel $995

LIVER FUNCTION, COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT, Food Sensitivity, Hormone, and Thyroid Function

This test is a great one-stop shop for all of your essential functions. This 100+ marker diagnostic lab panel not only gives us a clear picture of your overall health and wellness but drills down into the nitty gritty so we can customize a proactive plan for optimization both physically and mentally. These results will inform just how much room for growth there is in your wellbeing—and how you can get back up to feeling 100%.

Hormone + Metabolic Health $195

Energy, mood, even sex drive—it all comes down to your hormones. The Women’s Hormone Health panel provides a comprehensive examination of 32 key markers. You’ll get insights into why you may be functioning at a lower level than normal and where to go from there.

Immune Health $195

Balancing it all immediately goes out the window when your immune function is off. Gain strategic support (and balance) with Joi’s Immune Health labs. This 21 marker panel provides insights into how well your immune system is fighting off viruses and illnesses. We’ll help you evaluate any deficiencies in your blood that may be making you more susceptible to getting sick.

Thyroid Health $150

Thyroid health can make or break your weightloss goals thanks to its vital role in hormonal health. The hormones your thyroid releases not only impact body weight, but also energy levels, body temperature, cholesterol levels, and much more. This 5 marker panel provides specific detail about your thyroid function and insight into why your body may be struggling to keep up.

Food Sensitivity $249

Food is supposed to nourish you, not make you feel bloated or sick. Our food sensitivity test will help you identify any culprits that could be causing unwanted inflammation. By measuring your body’s immune response to 96 foods, including dairy products, meat, grains, and more, the test will provide a roadmap to your ideal diet.

Heavy Metals $225

Checking your heavy metal levels is a good idea for anyone whose job, hobbies, or residence puts them into contact with hazardous environmental toxins. High levels of heavy metals could lead to both negative long- and short-term health effects. Take the test to see if you need to make critical changes in your environment for better health.

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