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Meet Temple Stewart
WEIGHT LOSS DIETITIAN And keto nutritionist.

“I’m a Registered Dietitian. I specialize in helping women lose weight and realize the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle.

Throughout the process, I learned how to eat for health and how to develop a healthy relationship with food.

I am passionate about helping other women lose weight and improve their health through nutrition and the ketogenic diet.”

Test, don’t guess.

Joi tests go deep to look at what’s happening inside your body to tell us what’s working and what could work better. These insights empower us to create personalized plans to optimize your health.

Wonder what optimal feels like?

Have you ever been told your labs are ‘normal’? Well, that’s not how we practice. Each lab comes with a 35-page functional health report.

Choose the right labs for you.

Analyzes 45 Biomarkers

Complete Hormone

Energy, mood, even sex drive—it all comes down to your hormones.

$99one time test Learn More

Analyzes 66 Biomarkers

Hormone + Metabolic + Thyroid

Hormone and metabolic balance is crucial to maintaining balance.

$249one time test Learn More

Analyzes 77 Biomarkers


This test is a great one-stop shop for all of your essential functions.

$599one time test Learn More

Analyzes 96 Foods

Food Sensitivity

Our food sensitivity test will help you identify foods causing inflammation.

$249one time test Learn More
We're with you every step of the way.
Step 1

Fill out the online health history form (should take 3 minutes)

Step 2

Schedule your 15 min call to get your blood draw set up

Step 3

Functional health report delivered to Temple for follow-up (results take 7-10 days)

By your side through testing

Our CLIA & CAP certified lab partners have over 5,000 convenient locations with walk-ins and appointments available. Are you looking for even more convenience? For just $99, we send a nurse or phlebotomist to your home or office (we currently cover 70% of the country).

What is Joi?

Joi is a national telehealth provider that solely focuses on optimization and hormones.

What is precision medicine and "smart" supplements?

Precision medicine refers to the collection and analysis of biomarkers to see which areas you are deficient in to allow us to optimize your health. “Smart” supplements refer to specific supplements that will increase biomarkers that you are deficient in.

How does the Subscription work?

The subscription is $99 a month. You are able to cancel the subscription at any time.

Is it truly customized off of my biomarkers?

Yes. Supplement recommendations are based off of lab results conducted during the blood draw. The results are then parsed with AI with an algorithm designed to offer the best supplements that will optimize your health – specifically tailored to you.

How long does the process usually take?

Blood work will take about 7 days to fully process. Once you meet with a wellness coach, supplements orders can take up to 10 days to process and 2 for shipping.

Which Biomarkers and Labs do you offer?

We offer 3 unique panels which you can read about here.

What will I find in my daily smart supplements?

The smart supplements come in a daily pack with 30 packs total. Each pack will come with the specific smart supplements for you to take on a daily basis.

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept insurance for smart supplements at this time.

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