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Feel and look your best from the inside out. Better mood, more radiant skin, easier weight loss, sexier sex—take control of your well-being with innovative peptide and hormone balancing therapies. So you can feel like you again.

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Hormonal Harmony
Balanced hormones, balanced life. Optimize your mood, energy, and weight with targeted treatments. Learn more today.

Hormone Therapy

Lasting Weight Loss
Boost confidence and metabolism with an approach guaranteed to deliver results. Discover the best new prescription drugs for weight loss.

Medical Weight Loss

Graceful Aging
Unlock your body’s potential to restore, rebuild, and revive with anti-aging peptide therapy. Learn More.

Anti-Aging Therapies

Diagnostic Labs
Proactive healthcare tailored towards your body’s specific needs. With a low cost lab work panel we can get your treatments started quickly.

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Women deserve to feel their best.

Meet Katy Whalen, Co-Founder + CEO
As a mother of two, I found myself constantly feeling fatigued, hormonal, and struggling with brain fog. I searched for a holistic solution and that’s when I learned about hormone optimization and peptide therapies. After experiencing amazing results, and learned how to stop feeling fatigued, I knew I had to bring this to women everywhere. Because we deserve to feel our best from the inside out, we deserve Joi.
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Nature’s Balancing Act

Hormones are your body’s messengers—even a small shift in this communication can lead to signs of hormonal imbalance like fatigue, skin issues, sex drive and fertility struggles, weight fluctuations, and more. But before you stress about one more thing to balance (hi, moms!), Joi makes it easy! We take a personalized approach to solve hormonal imbalance in women and get you back on track. With hormone imbalance treatment the hormone specialists at Joi can help determine if hormone imbalance and weight gain are symptomatic. We are a team of doctors for hormone imbalance.

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Weight Loss:
In Your Control

Maybe you’ve spent years prioritizing work over working out. Or maybe you’ve yo-yoed your way through countless fad diets. Most fad diets fail because they shock your system and the body will always try to regulate back to what it is used to.  Whatever brought you here, it is time for real change with prescription weight loss solutions that work. Joi’s weight loss prescription online has therapies that work with your unique biology and lifestyle to provide safe, effective, and lasting weight loss. It’s almost too good to be true.

Women's Weight Loss
More Than Skin Deep

There is more to peptides and anti aging than what meets the eye. Low HGH (human growth hormone) levels are a consequence of aging and lead to loss in bone density, strength endurance, and overall body vitality. Joi’s is an anti aging clinic and we prescribe anti aging peptides to help your body to make its own HGH and regain strength, promote lean body mass, and restore vitality levels of your younger years, all while supporting your overall mood and well-being. We can help you discover the best anti-aging peptides for your body chemistry. We like to think of our Anti-Aging Peptides as a whole body approach to the anti-aging process.

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Rediscover you.

Uncertain as to where to begin? Our personalized, diagnostic approach allows for us to create a unique plan that is fit for you. Whether it’s hormonal imbalance, the natural effects of aging or factors like fatigue and low sex drive, Joi is here to help with a range of customizable treatments. Connect and schedule an online consultation today.

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Real Women Who’ve Found Their Joi
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You’re tired of feeling tired. You’ve spent years putting soccer games before sweat sessions and sales calls before self-care. Or maybe you feel the constant pressure of trying to make it all work—the house, the family, the career, the body, the bliss. You’re stressed, overwhelmed, overweight…and just over it!

Whatever brought you to this place, it’s time for you to bring Joi into your life.

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