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Estrogen: Why is it Important?

Struggling with a hormone imbalance? Learn the critical role estrogen plays in a woman’s body, how to tell if you have low estrogen, and how to rebalance your hormones. If you can’t figure out why you’re rarely in the “mood,” or why you can’t seem to lose those extra pounds in your midsection despite swearing […]

The #1 Skin Cream (And it’s Better Than Botox)

Anti-Aging Peptide GHK-Cu, the Medical Grade Product for Glowing Skin It’s as if everywhere you look these days, there is a new med spa popping up. Botox, fillers, and laser facials top the growing list of popular anti-aging skin enhancements and are as common as endless mimosas at Sunday brunch. Less accessible or mainstream, though, […]

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