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Topical Cream
lasts 1-1.5 months

Naturally occurring regenerating peptide that increases cell turnover. Prescribed to tighten loose skin, reverse the thinning of aged skin, improve firmness, elasticity, and clarity. GHK-Cu is also useful in reducing photodamage, skin spots and lesions, and stimulating wound healing.

Joi drugs may include compounded products that have not been approved by the FDA. The FDA does not verify the safety or effectiveness of compounded drugs including compounded GHK-Cu. Joi specialists may prescribe this medication off label from its intended use.Read More
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Topical Cream
lasts 1-1.5 months
  • Tighten loose skin and reverse thinning of aged skin
  • Repair protective skin barrier proteins
  • Improve skin firmness, elasticity, and clarity
  • Reduce fine lines, depth of wrinkles, and improve structure of aged skin
  • Smooth rough skin
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What are peptides?

Short chains of amino acids. We have thousands, naturally occurring, running through our bodies. They direct our cells to perform specific tasks.

How long until I see results?

Most studies show results after 12 weeks of applying twice daily.  Study here

Do you take insurance?

We don’t take insurance but you can use your HSA/FSH card for services and treatments.

How do I apply?

We recommend using this cream just as you would a regular moisturizer after you wash your face in the morning or night. You can also use it 2-3x daily on a wound, scar or stretch mark that you are trying to heal.

Learn More about the Benefits

GHK-Cu applied to thigh skin for 12 weeks improved collagen production in 70% of the women treated, in contrast to 50% treated with the vitamin C cream, and 40% treated with retinoic acid [16].

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Choose Type:
Topical Cream
lasts 1-1.5 months
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