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Rapamycin (Sirolimus)

Rapamycin is considered to be one of the most promising healthspan-promoting therapies for its role in slowing down the formation of senescent cells through its inhibition of the mTOR complex I pathway. Taken in small doses over an extended period of time, Rapamycin supports processes that preserve cellular health with age, leading to a longer […]

Women’s Hormone Therapy

Our hormone therapy options are bio-identical and come as creams, troches, capsules, and injectables. We have three subscription options to accommodate most people. Cancel any time after the initial 3-month commitment. Our HRT program is considered ongoing care that includes your prescriptions, follow-up visits with licensed clinicians, quarterly hormone labs, and 1:1 service with your […]

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vFit® Gold+ Device

Made with mid-life women in mind, the vFit Gold® Device is an Ob-Gyn designed, intimate health device that helps promote a stronger pelvic floor and more control thanks to the patented vFit’s red-light benefits. In just a few sessions a week, you can experience more natural lubrication, increased sensation, and a feeling of tightness—all from […]

Add On Lab – Comprehensive Panel

This test is a great one-stop shop for all of your essential functions. This 74 marker diagnostic lab panel not only gives us a clear picture of your overall health and wellness but drills down into the nitty gritty so we can customize a proactive plan for optimization both physically and mentally. These results will […]

Add On Lab – Hormone + Metabolic + Thyroid

Balancing it all immediately goes out the window when your hormone and metabolic function is off. Gain strategic support (and balance) with the Blokes Advanced Hormone + Metabolic Health labs. We’ll help you evaluate any deficiencies in your blood that may be making you more susceptible to the challenges of modern living.

Add On Lab – Complete Hormone Panel

Energy, mood, even sex drive – it all comes down to your hormones. The Complete Hormone lab panel provides a comprehensive examination of 44 key markers. You’ll get insights into why you may be functioning at a lower level than normal and where to go from there.

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Smart Supplements

Personalized, daily supplement packs designed for your body based on your lab results, shipped to you every month. Monthly Subscription for $99/mo, Billed monthly. Cancel any time after initial 3-month commitment. No charge until after labwork is complete. Choose a lab to get started:


Show yourself love from the inside out with Balance, a supplement designed for women to regulate hormones, reduce stress, and promote aging gratefully.

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