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Joi gives you the power to rediscover your health by providing easy access to effective treatments and services.

Step 1:
Schedule your online health visit.

At Joi, we believe that getting the care you deserve shouldn’t be stressful—or take more than a few clicks. By signing up, you’ll get access to personalized treatment plans and 1:1 support from our licensed medical providers. We serve clients in peptide and hormone support treatments online and in all 50 states.

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Step 2:
Complete your comprehensive labs (if needed).

We make it simple to get your levels checked. Choose one of three options based on what is most convenient for you.

Option A $59: Make an appointment or walk in to one of over 2000 LabCorp locations
Option B $109: Get an at-home test kit sent to your door (pain free)
Option C $149: Schedule a house call from a licensed phlebotomist

When it comes to bettering women’s health care, we’re in your corner.

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Step 3:
Joi delivers personalized treatments to your door.

Waiting rooms are not our vibe. Joi is for getting what you need, when you need it. Your personalized prescriptions will arrive directly to your door within days, not weeks.


What are the benefits of choosing Joi?

As part of our Joi family, you will get unlimited follow-ups to fine-tune your treatment. The full benefits of hormone optimization and peptide therapy are not typically reached until (approximately) month six of treatment, but many women report noticeable differences in sleep, skin appearance, hormonal health, sex drive, energy, weightloss, and motivation within a much shorter window of treatment.

Within the first few months:

  • Weight Loss, Lean Body Mass

  • Better Energy/Motivation

  • Better Mood/Stamina

  • Improved Skin Elasticity

  • Improved Sleep

  • Improved ability to handle stress

  • Better recovery from workouts

  • Improved Sex Drive, Hormonal Balance

Full Benefits Include:

  • Increased Confidence

  • Vitality

  • Feeling Like Yourself Again

  • Youthful Skin Improvements

  • Effective Weight Loss

  • Energy Stamina

Let’s Connect:


Text or call a Joi team member at 720.828.8596, Mon – Fri, 9-5pm MST.
Message and data rates may apply.


Refresh on your schedule.. Some prescriptions are available in monthly, quarterly, even annual auto-shipments, depending on your preference. There’s no sign-up fee or cancellation fee. You can start or stop treatment anytime.


Schedule your complimentary consultation with a Joi hormone specialist and take the next step toward your overall health.

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