Peptide Therapy: a Spotlight on BPC-157

January 7, 2022

Body Protection Compound, or BPC, is a Naturally Occurring Peptide

Peptide therapy is a much-discussed topic in medicine currently, and one of the most widely used but also least understood peptide is BPC-157. It gained popularity first in veterinary medicine and has now become the most popular peptide for both men and women worldwide. The vast uses include tissue and GI tract repair.

There are holistic gut best practices like eating fermented foods, and we have all heard about bacteria in your gut, good bacteria leading to a healthy gut, or gut microbiome. However, for many maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract is difficult, and when the digestive system is compromised for too long this can lead to poor gut health which can result in inflammatory bowel disease, mental health problems, colon cancer, heart disease, and a poor immune system. Other health concerns that many face with decreased gut health are leaky gut syndrome, gastric ulcers, and a compromised nervous system. Now there is help, peptide therapies have healing properties to accelerate the healing that can result in a stable gastric system.

What we do know about BPC-157 peptide is that it acts as a signaling agent, which means it turns on other cells to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. What does this mean for you…? Increased repair and healing with extreme safety. 

Also contributing to the appeal of BPC besides its wide range of use, is the available methods, or delivery systems, of use. BPC-157 can be given in convenient oral dosing, topically in a cream, injected subcutaneously or directly into injured tissues, joints or ligaments, or sprayed into the nostril.  

When injected subcutaneously into injured tissue we see accelerated healing of the wound, increased tendon to bone healing and enhanced ligament healing. Meaning for you, less down time and faster, better recovery. That also means that it can be taken regularly post-exercise for work-out recovery and joint pain. Oral BPC targets healing in gut as well as chronic GI conditions such as acid reflux, IBS, leaky gut syndrome, ulcers and Crohn’s disease.  

Intranasal BPC can assist with repair of damaged cornea, mucous membranes of the sinus pathways, tooth damage and increase mental clarity by improving brain inflammation. BPC-157 further potentiates its healing capabilities by increasing Growth Hormone receptor activation. It assists in nerve regeneration and decreases pain and inflammation in damaged areas. BPC can also regulate blood pressure and improve nitric oxide production.  

While BPC-157 is commonly thought of for injuries and repair, it also has use preventatively, enhancing tissue, joint and ligament strength, so as to not only heal quicker if injured but prevent those injuries in the first place. Whether you are focused on improving pain, healing injuries to get back to activity quicker, have chronic gut issues or just want to focus on you and being healthier, the question to ask is why aren’t you already on BPC and what are you waiting for. 

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