Peptides for Injury and Torn Ligaments

Dr. Melissa Loseke
By Dr. Melissa Loseke

How BPC 157 Benefits and Heals the Body

HGH Peptides and How to Buy Human Growth Hormone Online

Most of us are familiar with the discomfort and setback of having to deal with pain or an injury. Moreover, we often are told to rest and take it easy, or ice it and take some Ibuprofen to help heal it.  Which might help but certainly isn’t a guarantee or get us back to the activities we enjoy any quicker. We may turn to Google to see what other options exist so that we can get back at it.  Enter peptide therapy. Peptide therapy is all the rage amongst athletes, body builders and in regenerative medicine.  

Peptides are a sequence of amino acids and are the building blocks to proteins. They play a role in DNA synthesis, contribute to our mood and well-being, are key in cell signaling and messaging and are essential in the production of enzymes for wound healing.  Peptides have numerous benefits from fat loss, overall health and anti-aging, gut health, nervous system protective benefits and tissue and wound repair. They promote rapid connective tissue rehabilitation both post injury and post-surgical by increasing collagen production.  

The most common types of injuries involve connective and muscle tissue which often leads to a strain or sprain of a tendon or ligament. These types of injuries have a slower rate of repair due to the several phases that the tissue has to go through in order to heal. Peptide therapy allows for the facilitation and enhancement of tissue repair, taking tissue to its ideal state, safely and quickly.  

Some of the key peptides for healing such injuries include human growth hormone peptides such as CJC-1295, SermorelinIpamorelin and Macimorelin.  Other peptides are BPC-157, IGF-1 and GHK-Cu.  Growth hormone is very good at communicating with tissue cells to enhance new cell growth, growth factor production, muscle fiber and joint rejuvenation.  Human Growth Hormone is crucial for cell regeneration and reproduction and collagen production.  BPC-157 is a peptide that is isolated from gastric juice but has been shown to heighten healing of tendon, muscle and the nervous system.  It increases blood flow to the injured tissue and angiogenesis, or new blood vessel formation, to further enhance repair. BPC-157 benefits include anti-inflammatory effects, while improving pain, as it focuses on healing and repairing tissue.  

Peptide therapy is a much-discussed topic in medicine currently, and one of the most widely used but least understood is BPC-157.

Body Protection Compound, or BPC, is a naturally occurring peptide that has vast uses including tissue and gut repair. It gained popularity in veterinary medicine and has become the most popular peptide worldwide. What we do know about BPC-157 is that it acts as a signaling agent, which means it turns on other cells to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. What does this mean for you…? Increased repair and healing with extreme safety.

How to Take Growth Peptides

Also contributing to the appeal of BPC besides its wide range of use, is the available methods, or delivery systems, of use. BPC-157 can be given in convenient oral dosing, topically in a cream, injected subcutaneously or directly into injured tissues, joints, or ligaments, or sprayed into the nostril.

When injected subcutaneously into injured tissue we see accelerated healing of the wound, increased tendon to bone healing, and enhanced ligament healing. Meaning for you, less downtime and faster, better recovery. But that also means that it can be taken regularly post-exercise for work-out recovery and joint pain. Oral BPC targets healing in the gut as well as chronic GI conditions including healing IBS, acid reflux, leaky gut syndrome, ulcers, and Crohn’s disease. Intranasal BPC can assist with the repair of the damaged cornea, mucous membranes of the sinus pathways, tooth damage, and increase mental clarity by improving brain inflammation. BPC-157 further potentiates its healing capabilities by increasing Growth Hormone receptor activation. It assists in nerve regeneration and decreases pain and inflammation in damaged areas. BPC can also regulate blood pressure and improve nitric oxide production.

While BPC-157 is commonly thought of for injuries and repair, it also has been used preventatively, enhancing tissue, joint, and ligament strength, to not only heal quicker if injured but prevent those injuries in the first place. Whether you are focused on improving pain, healing injuries to get back to activity quicker, have chronic gut issues, or just want to focus on yourself and being healthier, the question to ask is why aren’t you already on BPC and what are you waiting for.

If you are tired of sitting on the sideline of life because of chronic or new injuries, you want to recover quicker from workouts or prevent injuries from occurring, schedule your Joi Women’s Wellness consultation today to start your ideal regimen of peptide therapy. To learn more, contact our providers at Joi and get started today.

Dr. Melissa Loseke, D.O.

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